33 songs: the stories by Murilo Rubião – Morris


Project: Morris presents his project 33 songs: the stories by Murilo Rubião. There are 33 unreleased songs, composed with several partners, and each of them inspired by a different story of the 33 written by the mineiro civil servant, journalist and writer. 

Origins: in 2009, together with the Grupo 3 de Teatro, under the direction of Yara de Novaes, Morris researched and composed the soundtrack for the show O amor e outros estranhos rumores, based on three stories by Rubião. When he reached his work, only 33 short stories, he was impacted by the power of his literature, as well as by the way they explore fantastic realism, very different from the styles of Colombian Gabriel García Márquez or Argentinian Júlio Cortázar. With a Machadian writing, economic and precise, he presents the contradictions of the human being through characters who seem to be always in search of inspiration (he himself wrote and rewrote his tales to exhaustion), frustrated in love (he claimed to be a celibate) and displaced from society. As a scenario, the changes from a rural to urban Brazil, decaying beaches, public offices, newspaper newsrooms. And always a melancholy inherent in the displaced subject.