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“[...] fill the the night with fireworks, turn my face to the sky and let a rainbow pour forth from my lips, a rainbow that could cover the earth from one extremity to the other”
Murilo Rubião - The Ex-Magician
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Access in full the first edition of A estrela vermelha

Download the digital facsimile of the first edition of A estrela vermelha, 1953, limited edition, which features 4 short stories by the author.


Discover adaptations of Murilo Rubião’s work for different languages, such as cinema, theater, television and comics.

Illustration: Rafael Rubião

“I can only add that your book filled me with grateful emotion for rediscovering in him a writer of the first magnitude and justifying the enthusiasm that his stories arouse in me.”

Fernando Sabino. London, january 9, 1966.