The Dragons (2021) – Gustavo Spolidoro



Original Title: Os Dragões
English Title/Español: The Dragons, Los Dragones
Director: Gustavo Spolidoro
Executive Producer: Patrícia Goulart
Production Company: GusGus Cinema
Completion Date: October 2021

“Five teenagers from a small town frighten everyone with their pyrotechnic powers. Devils! To shout the Father. Adolescents, the Teacher argues.”

In a conservative community, five out of place teenagers are on fire to discover a new life. With adulthood approaching they feel some bizarre transformations in their bodies and the city’s revulsion. Now they must choose whether to accept their Dragon side or surrender to boredom.

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Screenplay: Gibran Dipp and Gustavo Spolidoro
Executive Producer: Patrícia Goulart
Production Director: Lili Machado
Director of Photography: Bruno Polidoro
Editing: Bruno Carboni
Art Direction: Manuela Falcão
Sound: Gabriela Bervian e Marcelo Armani
Sound Designer: Cristiano Scherer
Music: Renan Franzen
Special Effects: Alexandre Linck
Main Cast (name and character):
Lóren Maitê (Dani)
Paulo Reginatto (Jacó)
Juliana Zardo (Zéqui)
Larissa Tres (Isa)
Raphael Scarton (Mike)

Supporting Cast:
Marcos Breda – participação especial (Mestre de Cerimônias)
Júlio César Moraes (Dico)
Adriana Titon Balotin (Professora Alice)
Elias Simioni (Padre Narciso)
Maicon Boeri (Dono da Taberna)
Juliana Teixeira (Delegada)
Daian De Villa (Agricultor)
Francielle Carlesso (Agricultora)