Sludge (2020) – Helvécio Ratton




Manfredo, an ordinary man, employee of an insurance company, feels depressed and goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Pink. The doctor claims that he has a real quagmire inside of him and tries to find out about his past to treat him, but there is something that Manfredo doesn’t want to reveal and he abandons the treatment. The Doctor. Pink then starts chasing him and Manfredo’s life turns into a real hell.

Directed by: Helvecio Ratton

Producer: Simone Matos

Screenplay: Helvécio Ratton and L.G. baião

Based on the short story “O Lodo” by Murilo Rubião

Cast: Eduardo Moreira, Inês Peixoto, Teuda Bara, Renato Parara, Rodolfo Vaz and Fernanda Vianna. Featuring Maria Clara Strambi and Cláudio Márcio

Director of Photography: Lauro Escorel

Art Direction: Adrian Cooper

Editing: Mair Tavares

Music: Paul Santos

Produced by Quimera Filmes

Distribution Cineart Filmes

Year: 2020

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 94 min.

Rating: 14 years old